Who We Are

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Welcome to the best dispensary in Orange County! Hand n Hand Patient Care is a premiere Santa Ana dispensary that provides all medical cannabis needs to patients with only the highest quality medicine and safest access for Orange County medical marijuana.

As one of the first legal medical cannabis facilities and weed dispensaries in Santa Ana to open in Orange County, Hand n Hand Patient Care is open 7 days a week to offer patient care at one of the best dispensaries in Orange County.

Aside from our amazing Daily Deals that provide patients in our Santa Ana dispensary with various options, Hand n Hand Patient Care offers discounts off your medical marijuana, edibles, smoking items, and hydroponic devices. Being one of the top medical marijuana dispensaries in Orange County means that we test all of our products using certified labs. To uphold our standing as the best dispensary in Orange County, we are serious about delivering the finest Orange County medical marijuana products which are thoroughly tested to ensure patients the highest quality. You can see the test results here.

We remain committed to our goals as one of best dispensaries in Orange County by providing care to patients struggling with dreadful pain or who are allowed to use safe marijuana products by their doctors. These products are attainable for patient’s specific medical needs. Hand n Hand Patient Care is among the legally permitted medical marijuana dispensaries in Orange County, the 4th licensed dispensary with official support from the City of Santa Ana, and is one of 20 legal medical marijuana dispensaries in Southern California. We provide organic, vegan alternatives, tested and certified. We also carry various selections of cannabis products that are better than other weed dispensaries in Santa Ana including hybrids, sativas, indicas, concentrates, drinks, clones, tinctures, transdermal patches, gear and pipes plus a lot more. At our Santa Ana dispensary, we also have a dedicated section just for CBD products and offer a variety of strains from both indoor and outdoor grown products.

Hand n Hand Patient Care provides medical marijuana in Santa Ana in forms of chocolate, smoothies, cakes, cookies and butter and of course, the usual smokable flowers and premium pre-rolls in an absolutely safe, clean, and professional environment. You can take a look at our menu to see our latest products and check our competitive pricing. From Mondays to Saturdays, we open at 10 in the morning until 8 in the evening. You can also drop by our Santa Ana dispensary on Sundays from 11 in the morning until 7 in the evening.

Unlike other medical marijuana dispensaries, the environment at Hand n Hand Patient Care Santa Ana dispensary is unlike any other medical marijuana dispensaries in Orange County. We have a pleasantly tranquil setting where patients needing medical marijuana in Santa Ana can consult with qualified professionals about their Orange County medical marijuana needs. Here at one of the best dispensaries in Orange County, we know not every product works for every patient, which is why we take the time to figure out the individual needs of every patient. Nevertheless, among all the weed dispensaries in Santa Ana, here at Hand n Hand Patient Care patients can be rest assured that they have a safe, legal and respectable place to obtain their medication.

You can find a number of dispensaries in Santa Ana but it is only at Hand n Hand Patient Care where you can experience great service with a choice to pick one of our daily deals, specials, and/or discounted items we have on sale. You can even take advantage of our FREE house joints which are super finely grounded. Another reason why we are the best dispensary in Orange County is our private and secure location because we value your safety. Hand n Hand Patient Care is one of trusted and highly recommended medical marijuana dispensaries in Santa Ana due to its welcoming facility which is impressively decorated and bright, taking dispensary design in a stunning direction.  A lot of careful thought and consideration has been put into the selection of the location to access to product to security with the aim of making it the best dispensary in Orange County.  It is evident that Hand n Hand Patient Care has gotten everything right in addressing homeowner concerns in balance with the needs of their customers.

Proud to be Orange County’s premiere medical marijuana dispensary, Hand n Hand Patient Care raises the bar for dispensaries in Santa Ana as we take things seriously so you can start to see marijuana being used the way it is intended to be and experience its ability to replace narcotics to help with many physical ailments such as PTSD, arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety, or insomnia. You may refer to our Ailment Guide for more details.  

Our wonderful and welcoming staff and bud tenders at Hand n Hand Patient Care are very knowledgeable and are more than happy to help you learn about Orange County medical marijuana. Furthermore, our Santa Ana dispensary is already known to have mastered a legitimate marijuana dispensary for patients under the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 or the California Proposition 215.

So if you’re looking for the finest Orange County medical marijuana, choose Hand n Hand Patient Care.  All other dispensaries in Santa Ana cannot compare when it comes to giving patients the safe, legal access, and quality options they deserve. Come visit the best dispensary in Orange County, join our collective, and be a part of history!

We truly believe in “giving Orange County a helping hand through medical cannabis”.  To find out more about our Daily Deals including our First Time Patient Deals, pick up the phone and call Hand n Hand Patient Care, the top provider of medical marijuana in Santa Ana, at (657) 229-4464. To get all your lab-tested Orange County medical marijuana needs with the highest quality medicine, feel free to drop by our medical marijuana dispensary at 2400 Pullman Street, Suite B, Santa Ana, CA 92705.