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Just discovered the newly opened Hand n Hand Patient Care in Santa Ana and first thing I can say is they have everything in great quality for awesome prices! Legal marijuana coming from this dispensary is truly top notch. I love the atmosphere and the vibe this place gives off. It’s remarkable for a fairly new place and I hope they keep it that way. Was able to take advantage of their buy 2 get 1 edible special recently and they have a complete edible menu, too. Their best seller is their exclusive top-shelf blackberry soda! Overall, I recommend them for their customer care, high quality herbs, and convenient location.

Amy J., Newport Beach

Rating: 5/5


Wow! This place is fantastic! I couldn’t recommend any place better than this legal marijuana dispensary called Hand n Hand Patient Care in Santa Ana.  Their medical cannabis are superb and made from really high quality herbs. I am glad they are now serving in Orange County because it’s right near where I live and very conveniently located. They have a variety of strains which are both indoor and outdoor grown products. They got CBD and edibles, too! This place has everything I need and will definitely keep coming back to get my medicine from them. You must try their THC induced relaxing mints!

John S., Irvine

Rating: 5/5


I love the fact that Hand n Hand Patient Care in Santa Ana has opened to cater Orange County patients. They close at 8 in the evening which is a plus for me because I usually go home around that time and I can still catch them open. This dispensary for legal marijuana has got something for everyone, for every ailment that I can think of. They got edibles, CBD, and a variety of strains you can choose from, whether you want the indoor or outdoor grown ones. Customer service is commendable and I like that they have brilliant and knowledgeable people who can answer questions. I give this place my two thumbs up!

Robin S., Santa Ana

Rating: 5/5

I’ve been a patient for a decade now and have tried many legal marijuana dispensaries and MMJ clubs. As soon as I heard that Hand n Hand Patient Care is now open for business in Santa Ana, I checked them out and I’m very happy that they have the stuff I need, plus a lot more! Their staff is made up of really cool people with in-depth knowledge of the products they are selling. Their prices are also very good for the high quality medicines that they have. I’ve visited them 3 times already and this is now my favorite dispensary! I recommend trying their ailment healing CBD Living Water. It’s really thirst quenching!

Monica G., Tustin

Rating: 5/5


First of all, they are very professional. Hand n Hand Patient Care here in Santa Ana really takes care of their customers and their service is really good. The staff works fast and efficient in what they do and I find it a pleasure to visit regularly. I like their place not only because it’s new but because this legal marijuana dispensary is open 7 days a week! They also have organic and vegan alternatives which have been tested and certified. I think that’s just really awesome. Really glad to know they got full stock of my favorite Kurvana. So many tasty flavors that packs a mean punch!

Jim K., Irvine

Rating: 5/5